Jewellery Care

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Here are some our suggestions for looking after Molten Store finery…



Jewellery should be stored in cool & dry places as humidity can affect the condition of brass and precious metals. We suggest that after each wear, to keep your jewellery in the boxes or silk pouches that we parcel them in - this will help in avoiding excess light exposure, scratches and tangling with your other pieces at home. For this reason we also suggest taking off your pieces before bed to avoid any kind of snags or breakages.



Chemical substances can affect jewellery metals - therefore perfumes, skin or body care and cleaning products can react with the metals and decrease the life time of your jewellery. For this reason, we also suggest taking off your jewellery before showering or swimming. This is because we cannot guarantee that the products used in water won’t result in a breakdown of plating due to the waters chemical or salt levels.



Skin acidity can cause possible discolouration. Wearing jewellery whilst exercising is strongly discouraged, as perspiration directly exposes metals to PH acids and humidity.



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What is sterling silver?


Sterling silver is created from pure silver, with added copper base metals to make the silver more durable, less malleable, yet still soft. Sterling silver has a purity of 92.5% - with 7.5% being composed of copper. Our sterling silver is not composed with zinc or nickel.


How do I look after my sterling silver jewellery?


Sterling silver will naturally oxidises over time, giving your sterling silver a slightly darkened, lack-lustre tone. You can both prevent & return its brightness and lustre by polishing it off with a jewellery polishing cloths. You can purchase these from many jewellers & piercing stores. To also prevent oxidation over time, we suggest simply wiping down between wears with any soft cloth.







What is sterling silver plating?


Sterling silver plating is a layer of sterling silver which has been plated onto a base metal. We currently offer sterling silver plated brass products.



How do I look after sterling silver plated Jewellery?


We recommend cleaning by gently wiping with a soft cloth to clean and promote shine. Alternatively for a deeper clean, we recommend cleaning with warm water and mild soap. We do not encourage rubbing down or using a polishing cloth for these plated pieces - as this can wear down the plating.  






What is gold filled jewellery?


Gold filled means gold that is bonded to a layer of alloy metals (such as silver, brass & base metals). This bonded composition produces a metal which is durable, has the lustre and sheen of gold, however is contains 1:20 parts gold of it’s bonded alloy.



How do I look after my gold filled jewellery?


We suggest gently wiping your  gold filled jewellery down after each wear with a soft cloth, removing any oils or moisture from the day's wear - avoid rough clothes or anything that would cause scratching. To clean, gently wash in warm water. Mild soap can be used, however make sure to rinse out thoroughly, to avoid any kind of mineral build up.







What is gold plating?


Gold plating is a layer of gold which is plated onto the surface of a base metal (we currently offer brass and sterling silver as base metals on our products). The plating is done by immerging the jewellery piece in a electrolytic solution bath containing particles of gold - these are then deposited onto the surface of the base jewellery through a current.


Through this method, our products are made in varying levels of plating - including flash plating, 0.5 micron plating, 1 micron plating and 2 micron plating.



How do I look after my 14k gold plated jewellery?


The lifetime of your plating can be prolonged based on it’s micron layer, and also how you look after it.


We suggest gently wiping down the jewellery with a soft cloth to clean and promote shine (avoiding any cloth or tissue that may cause small scratches). However, only gently rub down your gold plated jewellery pieces as too much pressure can wear away the plating. We also do not encourage using a polishing cloth for plated pieces - as this will also wear down the gold metal plating and over time (depending on it’s micron of plating) reveal it’s silver base.



Want to renew your plating ?


All of our 14k gold plated jewellery can be re-plated. We currently do not offer this service (stay tuned... ) however we suggest contacting local jewellers & restoration plating businesses to renew your loved goodies.







What is Rhodium plating?


Rhodium is a precious metal part of the platinum family. Rhodium plating is commonly used on jewellery, to create a silver toned surface that is resistant to scratching and tarnishing.  We offer Rhodium plated jewellery in sterling silver, brass and environmental copper base metals.


This is an incredibly durable metal, that is plated on through an electro-plating technique.



How do I look after Rhodium plated jewellery?


We recommend cleaning by gently wiping with a soft cloth to clean and promote shine. Alternatively for a deeper clean, we recommend cleaning with warm water and mild soap. We do not encourage rubbing down or using a polishing cloth for these plated pieces - as this can wear down the plating.







What are Recycled Diamonds?


We’re so excited about these!


Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been sourced from vintage and previously loved jewellery. We source our vintage diamond jewellery right here in sunny Brisbane and have the diamonds removed from the jewellery pieces ourselves. Following this we polish them to return their lustre & then proceed to give them a new lease of life!


... And if you’re curious - the metals from the vintage pieces are melted down and recycled into bullion. Nothing goes to waste.



How do I look after my diamonds?


Let your diamonds sparkle!


Diamonds can sometimes lose their brilliance when oils or dirt are placed or left on them. This can simply be from your hands during the day and allowing them to accumulate dust over time.


Care for your diamonds by giving them a light polish every couple of weeks.


Side note - Jewellers offer professional cleans for your diamonds if that is something you wish to have done in the more distant future.







What are freshwater pearls?


Freshwater pearls are pearls which are formed in fresh water and cultivated in mussels - as opposed to oysters as commonly assumed.


All of our pearls are sourced from multiple Asian regions - our rosey, pink toned pearls for example are sourced in China where these particularly dreamy colours are naturally occuring.


You may also notice slight variances in colour and details our pearls - this is a naturally occuring detail as each pearl differs to each other. All our pearls have slight “imperfections” - which we truly believe make them more beautiful and poetic.



How do I look after my fresh water pearls?


The pearls on your jewellery are to be looked after differently the rest of the item. Wipe pearls gently with a soft cloth to remove any perspiration, oils or dirt, before keeping them away safely. We suggest storing your pearl jewellery in a soft cloth or pouch, away from other objects or jewellery that may scratch the pearl’s surface.







What is Glass Crystal Jewellery?


At Molten Store we have a range of glass crystal jewellery. These are unique costume jewellery pieces that we design and sourced with your all of your dreamy events in mind. We also love seeing these pieces worn playfully day to day - how fun!


Our glass crystal styles are made from coloured glass, cut into shape and secured onto base metal (these are alloy metals - none of which contain zinc or nickel). All of of our glass crystal jewellery styles have surgical steel backings.



How do I look after my Glass Crystal Jewellery?


We suggest taking care of these by very gently wiping down your jewellery between wears and storing in a soft cloth or pouch, to avoid the glass pieces  scratching against other objects or jewellery. Please do not attempt to polish the metal components of your jewellery as this may cause discolouration.


Like anything intricate, we also do not suggest keeping them in areas they can be knocked around - i.e in a handbag without being secured in a box first. Being dropped will also affect the durability of your piece, and depending on their fall can eventually cause them to break.  




Experiencing an issue with your goodies and require futher assistance?


Please email us at with your query. From here we will proceed to lodge an assessment of your pieces for you.