The Gold Zodiac Pendant Necklace

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Renewed, radiant. 

A gold pendant engraved with a zodiac sign is strung along a fine chain.

The unique motifs on our pendants draw inspiration directly from an antique zodiac bracelet discovered in Paris by our founder Jessy.

  • Made from recycled Australian precious metal
  • Gold plated sterling silver
  • Total length of 54cm with closure links at 49cm and 44cm
  • Select your zodiac sign using the dropdown menu below

Nice to know: November's zodiacs are - Scorpio (1 - 21), the intuitive water sign, and Sagittarius (22 - 30), the mutable fire sign. 

Did you know: The wearers of the Scorpio pendant are known for being passionate, brave and recourceful, while the wearers of the Sagittarius pendant are known for being curious, energic and idealistic.