Our vintage collections are curated with the intention of promoting a more sustainable and transparent approach to jewellery. By investing care and energy into the restoration of original antique and vintage items, we aim to give each piece a new lease on life - reducing its carbon footprint and minimising our consumption of newly-mined metals. We love how each vintage piece has its own story to tell; a story that will continue to evolve through time.



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To source our array of high quality vintage, we work in partnership with the Melbourne Mint, Australia's most respected precious metals dealer. The Melbourne Mint specialise in sourcing diamond and fine jewellery pieces for the purpose of refining down the jewellery to produce recycled metal (often pressed into bullion form).


Through our close partnership, we’re able to intercept the array of antique jewellery collected by the Melbourne Mint, enabling us to reclaim the items and offer them to our customers in their existing form - celebrating the originality and history of the design.


Once the jewellery has been selected by our buying team, each piece is then assayed to confirm the purity of the metals and the constitution of the stones (using state of the art technology), then lovingly refurbished by our team in Brisbane, Australia.


What happens to the pieces we don’t curate in our range? The metals are melted down for recycling by Melbourne Mint, while special stones from the jewellery are pulled and reclaimed by us. We then set these stones in new jewellery pieces designed by our team, such as in our Compass range.







Fallen in love but the ring you love isn’t the right size? We offer free ring resizing exclusively for a selection of our vintage pieces over $350, completed by our team in Brisbane, Australia.

Simply add free ring resizing to cart here alongside your vintage ring purchase, and we'll be in touch via email within one business day to confirm your ring sizing details!


*Ring sizing will be completed within a fourteen day turnaround. We are able to resize rings within two Au ring sizes, meaning that we can resize it up to two sizes larger or smaller. Rings aren’t able to be resized more than two Au sizes as this could cause damage to the rings details or stones.



Not sure of your ring size?


Simply follow the instructional images and conversion charts below to determine your size at home.


Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.







Each one-of-a-kind Molten Store Vintage piece is available in store at our Brisbane boutique, as well as available to purchase on our online store. Therefore please allow an additional business day for Online Order dispatch (excluding Click+Collect).


All other shipping and delivery details are as normal: read here for more information.




Vintage Metals:


All of our high quality vintage pieces are set in solid metals (9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 24ct gold/white gold/platinum). These pieces have stood the test of time, and will continue to do so with your love and care.


We recommend a few simple tips to keep them shining for as long as possible:


  1. Regularly clean your jewellery - when doing so, be sure to check the manner in which you are cleaning, taking care that what you’re using to clean the jewellery isn’t going to cause any damage

  2. Store your jewellery in a quality jewellery box

  3. When storing your jewellery, make sure it has been cleaned or wiped down beforehand

  4. Clean or wipe down your jewellery as soon as possible after exposure to perfume, makeup, or other materials that may react with the metal

  5. Have your jewellery checked and serviced by a jeweller regularly (if you wear a piece often, we recommend you have your piece checked once per year)


As well as a few things to avoid:


  1. Avoid wearing your jewellery when it may come in contact with cleaning liquids (for instance, while washing the dishes)

  2. Avoid wearing your jewellery while showering or bathing

  3. Avoid letting your jewellery come in contact with saltwater

  4. Avoid swimming while wearing any silver jewellery, as chlorine will tarnish silver jewellery

  5. Avoid cleaning your jewellery without checking that what you are using to clean is safe and not harmful to the specific metal

  6. Avoid jewellery to bed, while playing sport, or while undertaking any manual work that may result in damage to your jewellery


Vintage Stones:



Most stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires are able to be cleaned with a soft brush and warm water/detergent solution. We recommend doing this on a semi-regular basis to maintain brilliance and avoid a build up of grease, dirt and oils.


To care for your stones further, we recommend taking them to a professional jewellery cleaner once or twice a year.





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